Saturday, May 31, 2014

Items for the first craft Fair

Last year my friend was doing some craft fairs and wanted me to help her.  Sure!  Why not?  But then I thought, well maybe I can ADD a few items on her table and see if they sell.  If they did, amazing.. if they didn't..that's ok too!

Well I was pretty giddy when items started to sell. The items were simple, but had a lot of detail.  They were fun to make.

I did a few magnets with some chipboard and wood cut outs...  they were just fun little sayings and things that people might want to give as a gift, or a little addition to the kitchen or work area..

These are just layered on little mini canvases.  Paints, gelatos, some stencils and other items I had on hand.  

And what girly girl doesn't love a good heel?  This one is about dreaming big in a girls' world.

I love maps.  So I went ahead and made some gelli printing on a map and cut it up to make a house.  Houses are so versatile and fun.  Craft paints, gelatos for shading and the back ground.  Stencils to create layers and texture.  And of course a nice wood / chipboard word "family" - because our home really is all about that.  Layered with some washi tape and some other scraps.

Owls.  I  **LOVE** owls!  This guy is created with gelatos for the background and on my dictionary pages.  I cut them apart to make the owl, highlighted and shaded with some more gelatos and stencils and add some bottle cap eyes.  Even my husband didn't want me to sell it.  

Canvases are really so much fun.  Especially these canvas boards that you can put in frames.  You can make seasonal ones, special occasion or just ones that reflect beliefs or mantras that you have.  I envisioned this for a teen girl.  They really just need to learn to BE You!  Even some of us older people needed to be reminded of this from time to time.  Again, this was made with gelatos, craft paint on a gelli and stencils.  Layering until you get it just right, and feel your muse!

I love quotes and I love silhouettes.  Unfortunately I am not good at drawing them.  So I found a nice silhouette on the internet, printed it out and used it as my mask!  I honestly love how she looks like she's jumping but everything is sort of bursting around here.  This was made with craft paints and gelatos.

Thanks for checking out some little projects I have.  I would love to see anything that you have done.