Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting to know your camera

I finally am able to get into the class for learning to use my camera. I am thrilled to be getting to take a class that is actually for FUN.

I actually learned how to DO the manual settings in the first class and how the great triangle relates. I *think* I actually get the concept!

Our assignment for today was to take a picture on Auto, and then one on manual with setting the white balance (WB). I couldn't decide between these three sets of pics, so I am posting them here. You can definitely TELL the difference..

This one is the first one I took on Auto - Our lizard Perk.

This next one is Perk with MY touch. Shutter Speed 1/4, F5.6, ISO 200 with 'daylight' for WB.

Then I was taking more pics and got one I thought was decent, so I did an auto after it as well to test the settings...

This is the "AUTO" Version:

This is the Manual Version with the following settings: Shutter Speed 1/4, F5.6, ISO 200 with Daylight (WB).

Now the one I took waiting for my computer to reboot... This one is auto:

This is the one on Manual. And it was really hard to get it to take. It didn't like me taking a close shot with such low light with no flash.. but I was determined. The settings were: Shutter Speed 1/15, F5.6 ISO 1600 (way higher then I had wanted, but I was trying to keep the timing down to around 30) this had the Tungsten (WB) setting because of the one lonely bulb and some barely there light from the window).

I definitely think I need a lot of practice, and would probably use an auto white balance next time in the mix to see if I can get it even better? hmmm... guess it's a good thing I have another class about taking better pictures. =)