Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Especially for someone...

I was talking to a person who does art and she was telling me all about creating art with someone in mind.  Making a painting for a person, or persons, instead of just art.  That the meaning in it, the deeper thought meant so much, and it was such a way to express your feelings for them.  I was so intrigued.  I don't think I have ever FINISHED an art project that had someone specifically in mind.  And never a project that was more about the emotion and not just -  Mary likes butterflies, so I will paint a butterfly- .  Truly THINKING about the person and then, C R E A T I N G.

Well, I got that chance.  Through poor planning and time passing faster than we ever anticipate I was unable to see a friend's daughter in a school play.  I felt horrible, because I really wanted to support her.  She's a great kid, love her mom.  So I set out to create a gift for her in celebration of her play.

Teenage girl.  Smart.  Dramatic.  Geeky.  Heart.  Soul shines bright.  Top it off, she *LIKES* my art.  (yeah!).

This is what emerged for this beautiful teen and she loved it...

It was a fun one to make and I hope that in thinking of people when I create, I can truly make some meaningful art for people.  Dream big, Annie!  You will do anything you set your mind to!