Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mixed Media - gelato fun!

Mixed Media.. I am completely obsessed.  It's crafty, it's MESSY, and it's imperfect but wonderful.  Everything I love about art and crafts and playtime!

So I have a few new toys that I have been playing with.  One is the Gelli Plate.  OMG!  Fun and MESS wrapped up in one!  The next thing is gelatos.  You are thinking ice cream, right?  It's just as fun, but nothing goes to the waist line! =)  Gelatos are made by Faber Castell and are like a mix between a crayon and a lipstick.  They come in all different colors and can be used on and for anything --  Stamping, coloring, stencils, you name it!

I checked a few videos and then started to create my own little project.  It's addicting and I could honestly do it all day.

Here's the finished project:

It's just layering of gelatos, papers, stencils with gelatos...  and a rubon to finish it off.

I started with a blank canvas and used some of the earthy colors I had and just made a nice "base". You just literally scribble some color on... and then blend with your finger.. work it as much or as little as you want.. blend it more or less on the edges.. it's all your playground!

I wanted some texture in the background.. some 'hidden' gems as you will.  So I did a sizzix cut of Deli paper.  It's harts and wings and a crown from Tim Holtz.  LOVE his stuff...  it's subtle, but I think it worked really well.

 Next I tried to add some interesting layers.  We have gelatos with stencils (the red streaks and circles, the pink heart, the purple-y pink diamonds).  I didn't LOVE the way the love came out, so I tried to cover some of that in the final.. give it color, but it just wasn't what I wanted... Never worry about mistakes...  it's ALL good in the end.

Next I took an old thesaurus page and started cutting... just butterfly type shapes.  I didn't like  my wings so full so I cut the middles out and REALLY loved the look this gave me...

To finish it off, I used gelatos to outline and color in the butterfly, draw some detail, and then again, added a rub on. On top of that, I used a flower stencil and use the gelato to add subtle flowers as well.  I was really impressed considering it was my first time with Gelatos!  

keep Playing with Creative....