Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quirky and "FABULOUS" mini book!

I am completely in love with Simple Stories... COMPLETELY. I don't have girls, so I have shied away from this kit, but after seeing this wonderful book, I might have to add it to my wishlist! I DEFINITELY want to do a take on it for my boys! What a great, quirky, beautiful book! I love that the pages are not the same size or width and that sometimes it's just a stamp or a feeling or something on one side and more on the other.. or not at all. If only I could be this creative on my own! Since that's not going to happen, I will gladly follow these designers and create create create based on their awesomeness! Thank you simple stories!


Shout Out to All Groovy "Fabulous" Girls:


February 29, 2012

Hi All! Wendy here to share up another project that was on display in the CHA booth. I previously shared up a fun fun layout here a few weeks ago using the new Fabulous collection and now time for a mini book.


You know I love to create up a mini "every now & then".

(wink wink)

So, I'm gonna hop straight to it because there are lots of pics to share to see it all and some random close-ups to show your more of the details.

This mini was inspired to all the girls out there and just to be groovy.

Hope you enjoy...

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_1 of 15_WMorris

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_2 of 15_WMorris

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_3 of 15_WMorris








SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_4 of 15_WMorris

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_6 of 15_WMorris





SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_7 of 15_WMorris

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_8 of 15_WMorris




SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_10 of 15_WMorris






SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_5 of 15_WMorris

SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_13 of 15_WMorris










SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_ 9 of 15_WMorris






SS_Fabulous_Mini Album_14 of 15_WMorris

Whew...yep, lotsa' pics but I hoped you enjoyed.

Love these pics of my cutie cute cousins! They were angelic "sometimes" (key word - wink wink) but silly all.the.time. & sassy & fabulous too.

Anyhoo, word is out on the scrap streets that "Fabulous" is doing well and hope you create something FABULOUS!
(Ok, that was cheesy)...but you get my drift. Ha!

Supplies used:

Fabulous Collection

#2102 Fundamentals Cardstock Stickers

#2103 Expressions Cardstock Stickers

#2109 Flash Cards

#2110 4x6 Journaling Card Elements #1

#2111 4x6 Journaling Card Elements #2

#2112 4x6 Vertical Journaling Card Elements

#2113 Quote & 6x8 Photo Mat Elements

#2117 Paper - Teal Dot/Notebook

#2107 Paper - Sassy

#2106 Paper - Sweet

#2105 Paper - 100% Girl


Friday, February 24, 2012

Simple stories was LOVED at CHA!!

I LOVE Ali, and she loves simple stories... I really like their quick pics from CHA and thought I would pass this on. I am taking a simple stories class next week to get on board with this WHOLE thing and I honestly CAN NOT WAIT! It's really going to get me moving.. I know it.

I LOVE the LBD layered flowers.. HAVE to get some of those.. and I have been thinking I *need* epiphany and now.. the FLAG one?! That might have just SOLD me.. where's a COUPON!?

Please read:

Ali and Stacy Love Our New 6x8 Album!:
6x8 Album

Our Simple Stories albums and accessories were the talk of CHA Winter 2012 - We're honored to have been chosen by BOTH Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian as their top products for 2012! They loved our new 6x8 album and accessories!

Albums, divided page protectors, memorabilia pockets and journal/scrapbook album pages will be shipping late March 2012 to your favorite local scrapbook store or online retailer!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time is passing, but things are moving!

So we are well into February and I started this year out with a challenge to myself to be more creative. So far, I think I have really taken the steps to get well on my way!

The biggest accomplishment so far was that I did a complete re-haul on my scrap area. I had a good basis, but it wasn't as usable as I would have liked. And the table was right at the bottom of the stairs so it became a place where we would hide things. Piles of things.. Honestly, I almost forgot there was a TABLE under the "things" and that it was meant for working on. So I went ahead and WENT through ALL those things.. a lot of tossing, a lot of organizing and grouping.. it was a process but it was nice to see process. I went ahead and rearranged the table so that it was away from the 'wall' where I have all the papers and items hanging from peg board. Underneath that where the table used to sit, I bought an 8 cube (2X4) expedit from Ikea. That gives me a surface to put stuff on, along with 8 cubes! To top that off Ikea has WONDERFUL little containers and I really have spaces for a lot of stuff. I rearranged things on the pegboard too. While I had wanted to add some more hanging containers that I already had, Ikea no longer carries them. So now I am playing around with other options.. hopefully will get that worked out soon. It's not 100% finished, but it's SO usable and I have a place for another person to come and work with me if they wanted - which is even nicer! I still need to pick up a 4 cube expedit and add rollers to it, so that I can put that under my husbands Train Table that shares my space, and then put my cutter on that. This way I can ROLL it out when I want to use it, but it's underneath when I don't *NEED* it. Plus that gives me 4 more cubes... where I can put things that I might not use as frequently, like all my "old" stuff that I know I can't part with - Xyron Machines, etc.

Because of the organization I have done.. I have actually been able to MAKE a few cards. One was a quick put together for a birthday. One for my hubby, which I went all cheesey with a movie quote - "I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, wanting him to love her". See what happens when he puts on Notting Hill on random TV flicking?! The other I am still working on because it has to be perfect. A dear friend had a baby, a BOY, after two girls and I just want the card to be something special. It's close.. it's laying on my working surface and it's just looking for that perfect placement of items. =)

 Honestly, I could gamasol ALL day!  There HAS to be a career in that right?!  And digital stamps are a new love.. to just print and color and not clean anything up?!  YES!  Now, to get a printer that doesn't run when I use the gamasol! Hmmmmm.....

Before all this "organization" I was also able to follow a tutorial from Simple Stories Blog about a mini book that creates a snapshot of you for the year. I made a couple of them.. and I love it! Not that I have filled it out, but I love it none the less! =)


Let me know what you have been up to so far!  Are you still working on being creative this year?!