Monday, September 29, 2014

Cleaning up and a birthday card

We recently rearranged our basement and in the process we opened up a little bit more room for my creative area!  Woot, right!?  But in doing that we created a bit of a disaster!  All the better to organize my dear!

While organizing I ran across some "forty" paper that I had used for my husband's 40th.  I remembered an email asking to send a friend a birthday card and so I thought what better time then NOW to go ahead and do it!

One never wants to focus TOO much on the number, but 40 is something that needs to be recognized.. so it's in the first layer of the card.

Over that layer of the "number" we build all the beauty, the strength, the messes, the things that hold us together.  Because at 40, we are "nothing less". 

Of course, this card is STILL sitting on my creative area where I left it to dry and never popped it in the mail.  I *SWEAR* it's going out this week... hopefully with that other painting I did for a friend MONTHS ago. 

What's that about those roads paved with good intentions?  

Till next time!