Friday, February 17, 2012

Time is passing, but things are moving!

So we are well into February and I started this year out with a challenge to myself to be more creative. So far, I think I have really taken the steps to get well on my way!

The biggest accomplishment so far was that I did a complete re-haul on my scrap area. I had a good basis, but it wasn't as usable as I would have liked. And the table was right at the bottom of the stairs so it became a place where we would hide things. Piles of things.. Honestly, I almost forgot there was a TABLE under the "things" and that it was meant for working on. So I went ahead and WENT through ALL those things.. a lot of tossing, a lot of organizing and grouping.. it was a process but it was nice to see process. I went ahead and rearranged the table so that it was away from the 'wall' where I have all the papers and items hanging from peg board. Underneath that where the table used to sit, I bought an 8 cube (2X4) expedit from Ikea. That gives me a surface to put stuff on, along with 8 cubes! To top that off Ikea has WONDERFUL little containers and I really have spaces for a lot of stuff. I rearranged things on the pegboard too. While I had wanted to add some more hanging containers that I already had, Ikea no longer carries them. So now I am playing around with other options.. hopefully will get that worked out soon. It's not 100% finished, but it's SO usable and I have a place for another person to come and work with me if they wanted - which is even nicer! I still need to pick up a 4 cube expedit and add rollers to it, so that I can put that under my husbands Train Table that shares my space, and then put my cutter on that. This way I can ROLL it out when I want to use it, but it's underneath when I don't *NEED* it. Plus that gives me 4 more cubes... where I can put things that I might not use as frequently, like all my "old" stuff that I know I can't part with - Xyron Machines, etc.

Because of the organization I have done.. I have actually been able to MAKE a few cards. One was a quick put together for a birthday. One for my hubby, which I went all cheesey with a movie quote - "I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, wanting him to love her". See what happens when he puts on Notting Hill on random TV flicking?! The other I am still working on because it has to be perfect. A dear friend had a baby, a BOY, after two girls and I just want the card to be something special. It's close.. it's laying on my working surface and it's just looking for that perfect placement of items. =)

 Honestly, I could gamasol ALL day!  There HAS to be a career in that right?!  And digital stamps are a new love.. to just print and color and not clean anything up?!  YES!  Now, to get a printer that doesn't run when I use the gamasol! Hmmmmm.....

Before all this "organization" I was also able to follow a tutorial from Simple Stories Blog about a mini book that creates a snapshot of you for the year. I made a couple of them.. and I love it! Not that I have filled it out, but I love it none the less! =)


Let me know what you have been up to so far!  Are you still working on being creative this year?!